Acegate (Mfg) Limited

Established in 1995 and currently located in Rochdale housed within a 25,000 sq ft factory, approximately 5 mins from the motorway infrastructure, we are a precision sheet metal manufacturer using the latest in CNC machinery to achieve quality, timescale and cost for your products.
Acegate Mfg Ltd are specialists within the Retail Sector, manufacturing from light gauge sheet metal and tubular section from various materials such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised, Aluminium and more. We have also manufactured for the Automotive, Office / Furniture, Construction Sectors and bespoke Individual projects.



Adige LT712D Tube Laser
With the latest in laser technology, Acegate are able to manufacture products more efficiently using new methods.
F1 Laser
Amada LC F1 NT Sheet Laser
An upgrade to our FO Sheet Laser, the F1 with faster cutting and head movement speeds gives us an even greater output capacity.
Amada EMZ3610NT Punchpress
With twin direct drive AC servo drives, the EMZ is fast and reliable cutting production lead times and cost.
Amada HFE 100-3 Pressbrake
With 7 CNC controlled axis, consistent bending accuracy and quick set up times, the HFE keeps production costs to a minimum.